Service Agreements

Service Agreements on Heating and Air Conditioning


Heating And Air Lawton OK Service Agreements

What are service agreements for HVAC Lawton OK? This is an agreement between yourself and the contractor, with the promise from the contractor that he will visit you home and perform a inspection on you heating and air conditioning equipment, To detect any thing that could fail in the hottest part of the summer or the coldest part of the winter. You wouldn’t want to have your system go down or break when the temperatures are in the 100’s or when the furnace goes down during sub-freezing temperatures. The service agreement is designed to provide a tune up to the equipment making sure it is running and in top shape for the harsh seasonal temperatures. And for this service, the customer agrees to pay an agreed amount for this service.

How Can the Service Agreement Benefit the Homeowner?

At My Mr. Fixit Mechanical Contractor LLC HVAC Lawton OK we provide discounts and no overtime charges, on our service agreements we have a home safety inspection on your Heating and Air as well as Your appliances, secondly we provide 1-year parts and labor guarantee on any replacement parts we install. You will receive 2 tune-ups a year a 198.00 value. And then there are discounts on repairs, the discounts range from 10% to 35% depending on the agreement plan you choose. If you take the upper plans you will also qualified for no overtime fees, and no after-hours fees. And save $15.00 off your diagnostic frees and then our top of the line service agreement covers the electric air filter cleaning and a complimentary media filter replacement and $40.00 value.

Would a Service Agreement Benefit You?

Most likely it will benefit you no matter if you have new equipment or old equipment, I’ve seen new parts be defective and need a replacement for HVAC Lawton OK. Imagine the temperature is 105 degrees today and your heating and air conditioning condensers go out and need the compressor replacement and now you’re waiting for the parts to get in to repair the system, and then we have 5 straight days of 105 + degrees, guess what you could have avoided this by taking out a service agreement with My Mr. Fixit Mechanical Contractor LLC. We are your premier Heating and air conditioner contractor in the HVAC Lawton OK and the surrounding area. And we offer silver, gold, and Platinum service agreements and each one in themselves offers different ways to keep you cool all summer long and in the heat all winter long without too many repairs. And don’t forget you ‘ll have the 1-year parts and labor warranty, also we have maintenance agreements on appliances, yes I said appliances You know dryers can catch fire with the lint and ranges also catch fire. When your washer breaks down then there is another service call and a costly repair. Ask your technician about an appliance service agreement and have your appliances checked out each year.

Service Agreements Including the Safety Inspections

With our service agreement, we provide a courtesy safety inspection while we are in your home and. Safety is an important thing, things like carbon dioxide and dangerous wiring can be deadly to a person there are other to the safety of your family that we could catch. In our HVAC Lawton OK safety checklist, we look at the appliances and find the possible thing that could be unsafe to your family, there could be things like a lot of dryer lint in the dryer that would be a fire hazard or an appliance that is plugged into an unsafe outlet in the home. A loose wire can be extremely dangerous and an invitation to a fire. Space heaters another this that could cause a fire in a home, too close to clothing or papers that could catch fire. Your safety is one of our top priorities.

The stand-alone service is a single service to inspect your item and there are no benefits extra that come with it other than knowing that the Item is in working order and is up to standards for the heating or Air Conditioning season. In other words, it is a one-time service or maintenance. Amazingly simple and takes about a half-hour To do.

Silver plan

The silver plan is our least expensive plan and comes with minimal benefits, these benefits are the home safety inspection of your heating and air conditioning and appliances, then your have a 1-year parts warranty instead of 60 days, on your repairs, thirdly your have a two years tune-ups a year at a value of 198.00. and lastly, you get a 10 percent discount on all repairs while service agreement is in effect. Along as knowing your unit is ready for the upcoming seasonal weather.

The Gold plan

This is our recommended plan and is the best for most HVAC Lawton OK systems. This includes all the items with the silver plan with minor changes and as follows: the percentage off on repairs is increased to 15 %. then you get No overtime fees for after-hours and overnight repairs. And the last thing is 15 dollars off the diagnostic charge. Ask our technicians why it is important to have a yearly service on your systems. Or call for your agreement today.

The Platinum Plan

The Platinum plan includes all items within the gold and silver plans and has the following extras for your HVAC Lawton OK. We increase to 45.00 of the diagnostic fee. An electronic Air filter cleaning (a $30.00 Value and then we’ll provide the once a year media filter for the air cleaner. (A $40.00 Value) No matter which service agreement you choose, you will have superior service and the best pricing on repairs. Courteous, friendly, service you can count on. We have monthly payment plans for each of the service agreements, call for the details of payment plans, call the best and premier Heating and Air Conditioning contractor in Lawton Ok. Get on our schedule today for your premier service contractor to service your equipment. 580-919-9200