During the cold winter days and nights you need the heating and air Lawton OK to perform correctly and heat your home and keep your family warm all the time. And if it goes out during the day or night, we’ll be there to help you out. With the night getting in the teens you need that old furnace. And My Mr Fixit Mechanical Contractor LLC can help you whether it’s a repair or you need it replaced and When it comes to heating you could have a Heat Pump, Gas furnace or a Electric furnace, Use on of our expert heating technicians on your next heating projects, We use Armstrong and Goodman systems where 90% of the parts are available local when needed.

Gas furnaces

When it comes to gas furnaces for your heating and air Lawton OK, you have natural gas and propane furnaces, when your using a gas furnace you want it to be in a excellent condition, if it’s and old furnace your have the worry of carbon monoxide getting into you home so it important to have a winter service and make sure a carbon monoxide test is preformed or your system, at the registers and the flue pipe coming out of the furnace itself. A lot of contractor may check it at the registers, but the flue pipe is important because the exhaust is taken out of the house with the flue pipe. When you have a gas furnace it is important to have a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home and My Mr Fixit Can help you with that, Our techs have one on the truck and can install for you while they are at your home on the Service of the unit or when they are there repairing the gas furnace. We suggest that you have one of our low-cost maintenance plans to help you keep your gas furnace in top running condition. When repairs are made, You will be notified of the cost and with you will have upfront pricing and with approval than cost will be the repair cost quoted.

Electric furnaces

When you have an Electric furnace for your heating and air Lawton OK, whether it’s just a relay or heat strip, My Mr Fixit will be there to help you out and repair it in a timely manner so your heating properly and the heat reaches to all areas of the home. Common things that you need to make sure of, on an electric furnace it the wiring is in a great due to bad wiring could burn and start a fire, Our Technicians are trained and are instructed to check all systems and make sure you are notified of all parts, on your furnace that are in need of replacement . It is important to have a Maintenance plan on your system, in place to catch any malfunction you may have on your system before it gets to Old Man winter making it as cold as it can get in the winter months.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps operate using the cooling system to heat your home for your heating and air Lawton OK. Your outside condenser runs in the winter time to heat you home, repairs are important to the condenser, If it is not running then you can have very high Electric heating cost when it or you switch it over to Emergency heat. If you’re getting Higher than normal heating costs then you should give us at My Mr fixit and call to have one of our Experienced Technicians look at your heat pump and see if it’s working properly. If your outdoor condenser is freezing over and does not defrost and looks like a block of ice, you may want to call us to have your defrost controls looked at so the defrost is working right.


Our repairs are made with Either OEM parts (Original Equipment Parts) or quality aftermarket parts for a highly effective heating and air Lawton OK. Due to the high price And availability of OEM parts. We’ll use quality aftermarket parts for repairs If you wish OEM Parts please let the technician know ahead of the repair all repairs will not start until you approve them and you will have upfront costs before we start your repair. Call today for the repair. 580-919-9200

Replacement of heating systems

Replacement of the heating and air Lawton OK may be necessary to keep you with qualify Heat in your home, Our Experienced technicians will take care or getting you a quote on the replacement of the heating system when there at your house and then on approval your system will be changed out according to the local codes and My Mr Fixit will stand behind the repair and any promises that was put in to the quote.

I had a experience where on of my competitors sold a unit and in the agreement with the owner they put in a Free Service Agreement for 5 years for the customer and after 2 years she called the she called the competitor and they told her they didn’t have any records of the service agreement and the sales person didn’t work there anymore. Well I got that customer and I’ve had her and her son ever since that day and that’s been 7 years ago. I got her sone replacement about 2 years ago. We are here to take care of the customer

Maintenance Agreements

Well I’ve been talking about Maintenance agreements throughout heating and air Lawton OK, and I would like to guarantee we will do a quality Maintenance check on your system and if a Maintenance agreement is offered in the change out, we stand behind the agreement. The importance of the agreement is to notify you of any problems that should be replaced prior to the heating season getting into the real cold days and nights,

Benefits of the Maintenance Agreement is No Over Time labor cost, no Afterhours cost. You will be charged regular time , and 10 to 20% off on book priced depending on the type of agreement, also a 1 or 2 year Replacement Parts and Labor Guarantee depending on the Service Agreement. So Call 580-919-9200 today and we’ll be glad to help you , 580-919-9200